A game made for LD38.

In the world of darkness a small mote of light awakens from the slumber. It struggles to expel the all consuming darkness and to awaken others like it.

Short Instructions

  • Keep Light Motes alive by collecting smaller Light Orbs that spawn around them to restore their energy.
  • Beware of the Dark Orbs as they damage the energy of the Light Mote. Energy is represented by the circle around every Light Mote.
  • To activate additional motes your primary mote needs to have at least 100 energy, which is half of the bar.
  • If energy of a Light Mote reaches 0 it collapses.
  • If your starting Light Mote collapses the game is over so watch over it above all else!


  • LMB - activate or pick up
  • Scroll - zoom
  • Hold RMB - move camera
  • Hold L.Alt - hide/show UI


A Mote in the Dark 10 MB

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